Car Batteries

Car batteries

Kia Battery Replacement Near Pittsburgh

Age and cold winter temperatures in the greater Pittsburgh area take a toll on car batteries. A lot of them die on the first sub-freezing winter morning. Many others die when owners leave the lights on and fully drain them. Newer batteries can rebound from the occasional accidental drain from lights left on after parking and similar errors. But old ones cannot and need replacement about every three years as preventive maintenance.

How to Tell If Your Battery Needs to Be Serviced

When batteries weaken in the McMurray PA area, the first sign often is having trouble starting the vehicle. Instead of turning over with a strong, quick start when you turn the key in the ignition, the starter will hesitate, and the lights might dim slightly. That is a sure sign the battery needs attention right away. If you ignore it, you might wind up with a dead battery, which is never fun or convenient when it happens.

Our Techs Can Quickly Check & Service Your Car’s Battery

Our ASE-certified technicians at South Hills Kia can inspect the batteries and charging system on any make or model vehicle. We check for corroded terminals, bad cables, cable connections, and check the alternator and charging system to ensure all is well. We check the battery to see if it takes a full charge or needs replacement to get your motor running when you need to go places. We also replace the cables as needed to ensure power flows smoothly. The terminals get cleaned, and we make sure the connection with the starter motor is solid.

Signs you need to Replace your Battery

If you have ever experienced an issue with your car battery while driving through Pittsburgh, you know how stressful it can be. However, to prevent such scenarios from occurring, you should always check out your battery once in a while. Always consult your service center if your engine cracks and fails to start, your battery’s fluid is low, and you have a bloated battery case. If you ever run into car battery problems, it is crucial that you contact or visit our dealership right away. Otherwise, you might end up having an inoperable or dead battery.

How To Extended your Battery’s Lifespan

The best way of enhancing the longevity of your battery is to schedule regular battery maintenance services. Visiting South Hills Kia to have your car battery checked is an ideal choice if you want to increase the lifespan of your car and battery. Our technicians will inspect your battery’s fluid and voltage when you visit our service center for regular maintenance checkups.

Excessive heat can damage your car’s battery; therefore, you must keep your vehicle in a cool place without direct sunlight. One duty of a car battery is to power the car’s electronics and light; leaving them on after switching your machine’s engine can damage and drain your battery. After leaving your SUV or truck, check your car to make sure you have turned off all accessories powered by the battery.

Why Buy a Car Battery at South Hills Kia

If you are searching for an ideal place to buy your car’s battery, South Hills Kia near Pittsburgh is your go-to destination. At our dealership, we will help you find a high-quality battery backed with a warranty. Visit our dealership today to get an affordable and reliable battery. Contact our dealership today to set up an appointment.

Schedule Battery Service Now

If your battery shows signs it is growing weak or has not been serviced in a while, we can do that for you. Our online scheduling tool lets you choose the time and day for car battery service. You can also check our battery prices in the parts department and get an idea of what it might cost to replace your car battery. We will ensure your car starts and runs its best with a good battery.

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