Service Frequently Asked Questions

What types of vehicles do you service?

While we are a Certified Kia dealer, we are capable of servicing almost any make and model. We may not be able to accommodate some larger trucks and vehicles that may require another manufacturers specialty tools. You are welcome to call and discuss specialty vehicles with our service advisors.

Do I need to go to a dealer for warranty work?

In order to keep your vehicle warranty valid, all repair work must be done by a Certified Dealer of that manufacturer. We are certified to perform warranty work on all Kia vehicles.

What is Express Lane?

Express Lane is like a quick lube but with the comfort and expertise of a dealer. Express Lane is first come first serve, no appointment necessary. Services offered include: Oil and Filter Changes, Tire Rotations, Air Filter Replacement, Windshield Wiper Replacement, and safety checks. Most customers are completed within 35 minutes. Express Lane operates during normal service hours Monday thru Friday 7 am – 5 pm. We ask that customers arrive at least 30 minutes prior to closing.

Do you offer Saturday hours?

Yes, we are open on Saturday mornings from 8am-12pm for Express Lane Services (no appointment) and other services. Please call for a Saturday appointment if you will not be utilizing Express Lane..

What if I can’t get back to pick up my vehicle before service closes?

Customers can pick up vehicles left for service and settle any balance until the close of the sales department.

Do you offer Shuttle Service?

Yes! Our friendly shuttle drivers are happy to get you where you need to go while your vehicle is here for service. The shuttle operates during normal service hours in a 10 miles radius from South Hills Kia.

What if I want to wait for my vehicle?

Our waiting area provides Green Mountain Coffee, children’s activities, complimentary WiFi, and outdoor seating.

What paperwork will I need for a vehicle inspection?

In the state of Pennsylvania, you need a current owners card and proof of insurance to complete a state inspection and emission test.

What is Nitrofill?

Nitrofill is the brand of the Nitrogen Tire Filling System we use. The benefits include: better gas mileage due to more stable air pressure, less tire pressure fluxuations in extreme cold or heat, longer tire and wheel life. If your vehicle does not have nitrogen in the tires, this option is available for purchase at the service desk.