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Learn About Synthetic Oil Changes near McMurray, PA

South Hill Kia performs synthetic oil changes for our McMurray, PA customers. We've put together a list of frequently asked questions to help you learn more about the benefits of using synthetic oil and having your oil changed with us. We are a premier Kia dealer with a team of technicians ready to assist you. Our associates are dedicated to service and support, and we will work to get you back on the road in no time. Continue reading to learn more about synthetic oil changes below.


Oil Changes in McMurray PA

At South Hills Kia in McMurray, PA, we understand the importance of maintaining a regular service schedule and work to provide the highest quality experience matched with total convenience for our Canonsburg and Bethel Park customers. Enjoy our Express Lane service, where our skilled technicians work as your personal pit crew, servicing your engine quickly so you can get on with your day. We adhere strictly to manufacturer guidelines and use quality additives to keep your engine at its best. There's no need to make an appointment; simply stop by when it's most convenient for you, and we'll get right to work on your vehicle.

How Often Will my Kia Need an Oil Change?

It's best to refer to the instructions laid out in your owner's manual for your oil change schedule. This is dependent upon the type of oil you use and the particulars of your engine. A good rule of thumb is every 5,000 miles or so.

Why is Maintaining a Regular Oil Change Schedule Important?

Regular oil changes keep your engine performing at its best, slowing wear on parts and reducing friction. This keeps your engine younger for longer and allows you to get the most from your vehicle investment. A clean engine also performs more efficiently, which will reduce the money you spend at the gas pump.

What's the Difference Between Synthetic Oil and Conventional Oil?

Synthetic oil begins just like natural oil but is a far more refined product that includes a mixture of several man-made compounds. It can extend the time between oil changes and keeps your engine cleaner.

Which Kind of Oil Does My Kia Need?

Each Kia model will differ in its oil type to reflect the needs of its particular engine. You'll be able to find the correct oil weight and type listed in your owner's manual or your mechanic can recommend the correct weight and blend.

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What are the advantages of using synthetic oil?

Synesthetic oil offers more benefits than conventional oil for Canonsburg and Bethel Park drivers. The advantages of synthetic oil include cleaner oil and fewer admissions, improved fuel efficiency and oil economy, better engine protection, decreased engine drag, and better performance in extreme weather-which is perfect for these cold Pennsylvania winters. Additional benefits include quicker start times, improved all-weather protection, and longer times between oil changes.

What is a synthetical blend?

A synesthetic oil blend is a mix of conventional and synthetic oils which offers added protection against oxidation when compared to conventional oil. This blend helps extend the life of your newer vehicle and is also beneficial for vehicles with over 75,000 miles on the odometer.

When should you have your oil changed?

With synthetic oil lasting much longer than conventional oil, drivers can go up to 15,000 miles between oil changes.

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When you're ready to have your oil changed, make your way to South Hills Kia. We have an on-site service center dedicated to keeping your Kia in pristine condition. Our certified Kia technicians know your vehicle and will work to provide the services you need in no time. We strive for excellence and look forward to assisting you quickly and easily. We also have express lane service to get you in-and-out with no appointment necessary. Whether you're in Mount Lebanon or Pittsburgh, be sure to contact South Hills Kia to learn more about our synthetic oil changes and service specials.

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