Financing Options at South Hill Kia

I Have Bad Credit and Want a New Car, How Can South Hills Kia Help?

One of the toughest things about shopping for a new or pre-owned car when you have bad credit is securing an auto loan or lease that does not work for you. In many cases you will have trouble even securing financing or feel as though the staff is not treating you with the same care and professionalism that they give to other shoppers.

When you shop at South Hills Kia in McMurray, PA you will be treated with the same respect and care that you expect. Our staff is able to help customers of all types and in all financial situations. Here we work with buyers just like you who are wondering how they will qualify for an auto loan or lease. We make it easy by making sure you understand what is happening and help you find the financing you desire.

Make the trip over to South Hills Kia today and let our finance department work with you to help get you into a great new or pre-owned car. Learn more with the great FAQ from our finance manager Vern Cox!

Question & Answer with Vern Cox, Sales Manager

I have bad credit. Can I still get a car loan?

In a lot of instances yes. Many of our current customers have had challenging credit histories but yet were able to get a car loan.

Do I have to tell the salesperson I have a low credit score?

No you do not. That said you can save time by letting us know what your situation is.

I'm worried about being embarrassed at the dealership. What can I do to avoid an uncomfortable conversation about credit?

While this is a legitimate concern that is never an issue at South Hills Kia. Things happen to people for many reasons. We are not here to judge you. We are here to help you.

What's the difference between auto financing for someone with good credit and someone with bad credit?

Not too much. Proof of income, proof of residency, credit history are required of many loans no matter what the credit history looks like. We do our best to structure a vehicle deal that looks appealing to the bank to purchase.

Does South Hills Kia work with shoppers who have credit challenges?

How can I discreetly review my financing options?We absolutely do. If you choose to you can start the process online and via email. At South Hills Kia your privacy is of the utmost importance. Every effort is made to ensure that your privacy is protected as well as the parameters of your transaction.