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Tire Tread You Must Have

As you might imagine, bald tires are accidents waiting to happen. If you replace tires before the tread disappearing, you keep roadways, drivers, everyone else on the road safer.

A bald tire is one considered having 2/32 inches of tread left or less. This doesn’t seem like much, but it’s only one-fifth of the initial average of 10/32 inches of tread. As such, you might run through a tire’s available tread quickly, as there’s not much, to begin with.

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South Hills Construction Update

South Hills Kia is entering the final phase of our construction project! The showroom is complete and the brand new service center is getting the finishing touches put on. Our new car wash should be completed later this month as well. By May, South Hills Kia will be totally updated modern facility that our customers have come to expect. Be sure to check out our facebook page for pics and updates over the next few…
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