When you purchase a car, there are multiple ways to finance your vehicle. Auto loans and leases are the two most common ways to purchase, and both come with certain benefits. At South Hills Kia, we make purchasing a Kia simple and easy, by helping you through the process and explaining the pro's and con's of leasing or auto loans.

What's a Lease?

A lease is a lower cost method of acquiring a Kia. You don't own the vehicle; you sign a contract to essentially "borrow it" for a set period. You pay a much lower monthly rate and are only locked in for leasing periods usually 24 to 48 months, which can vary. Within the Kia lease, you have to abide by certain mileage and wear conditions to maintain the quality of the Kia.

So, why should you consider leasing a Kia?

There are multiple benefits to leasing a Kia that makes it the smart decision for Bethel Park and Mount Lebanon drivers. Some benefits include:

  • Automotive Options: Every lease allows you to switch, purchase, or renew your vehicle at the expiration of the lease. If you like switching up your ride or advancing with new technology, a lease allows for more variety.
  • Lower Price: Considering there is less of a down payment, as well as a much lower monthly rate, you pay a significantly lower cost for the period you own the car.
  • Warranty: Dependent on the mileage, sometimes your leased vehicle is under full factory warranty.

Leasing a Kia comes with a distinct set of advantages for Canonsburg and Pittsburgh drivers who shop at our dealership. We hope that you take the time to explore your options and decide if a Kia lease is the right decision for you.

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