Rough Winter Roads Mean It’s Time for An Alignment

The weather is turning, that means winter is on the way. That could mean bad news for drivers who love their cars. Winter brings with it the snow and ice that lead to damaging road conditions. Nothing can ruin a nice drive like the surprise of a rim-rattling pothole. That can really do a number to your alignment. That is when you need to visit McMurray and the team at South Hills Kia.

Potholes are formed by the water that gets trapped under the roads. The weight of the cars and trucks as they drive over the streets cause the pavement to break and crack away. The potholes that pop up around Bethel Park or Mount Lebanon have the ability to wreak havoc on your car. Most notably your tires. One or two jolts at just the right speed can bust your alignment out of whack. The signs may not always be immediately noticeable. But the signs are there:

  • Side-to-Side drifting
  • Steering wheel is off-center when driving straight ahead
  • Uneven wear on your tires

It can be tough to avoid every pothole from Canonsburg to Pittsburg. What may just look like a typical puddle may be something much more damaging. The more often you roll over these hazards, the more chances you take with your tires. Misaligned tires can cause uneven wear and tear. That could lead to a shorter life for your tires and, worse yet, potential it might deflate or blow out on your commute.

At the first sign of something fishy with your tires, that is when you need to call the service team at South Hills Kia. They know the damage your local potholes can do, and are prepared to get you back on the road safely. Visit South Hills Kia and get through the winter with confidence.

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