There are many components that enable your vehicle to move, but your tires are perhaps the most subject to wear and tear because they come into direct contact with the pavement. Naturally, this means you should be checking your tires routinely. Lucky for you, we have professional technicians ready to assist you at the South Hills Kia service center in McMurray, PA!

Why Should You Check Your Tires?

Checking your tires is important if you want your commutes from Canonsburg to Mount Lebanon and beyond to stay safe. The tread on your tires can start to erode over time due to the friction from the road. This results in reduced traction which can lead to wheel slip or a blowout. The converse is also true. Tires with proper tread depth will ensure grip so you can roam the streets with confidence.

How to Check the Tread on Your Tires

All you need to check your tire tread is a penny. With Lincoln's head facing away from you, place the penny into the grooves of your tires. If his forehead is not visible, then your tires are fine. However, if the tread is shallow and you can see his head, then this means you may be due for a tire change. Rest assured, we can help you with that at our auto shop near Bethel Park and Pittsburgh.

Get Your Tires Rotated or Replaced in McMurray, PA

When your tires need to be serviced, visit us our McMurray service center. Our team can conduct a number of services including a tire rotation to make sure that your tires wear evenly, maximizing its lifespan. Our facility sells new tires as well so that you can get a replacement if needed. To work with our experts, schedule an appointment today!

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