Reduce the Chances of Frozen Fuel Lines this Winter Season

Keep your gas tank full during the cold winter months this season, and you will be able to avoid a heap of trouble and expensive repairs! Just a simple habit can make things run smoothly. If you keep your gas tank full, you will dramatically reduce the chances of air lingering in your gas tank. Just to explain, since air contains condensation that has the potential to freeze, it's a very good thing to remove this air in your tank.

Come visit us here at South Hills Kia so that we can winterize your vehicle for you at our factory trained and certified service center! Winter always tends to bring about pesky car trouble. Your tires can be affected simply by the change in temperature and can actually lose air much quicker than usual, for example. Be sure to bring your beloved vehicle to us here at South Hills Kia so we can make sure that everything is looking the way that it should for winter.

By just keeping your gas tank full or close to full, your fuel lines are much less likely to freeze and you can avoid having a car that won't start on a cold winter morning.

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