The snow and cold of winter certainly don’t make driving around the City of Bridges easier, and potholes and other road damages are some of the problems that can really take a toll on your Kia. Large potholes may cause significant damage by themselves, but just hitting smaller ones regularly can mess up your alignment. Don't worry! We have the equipment to get them back in shape efficiently. Read below about how to know if you need an alignment and why our McMurray dealership is the place to come for it!

How to Tell If You Need a Tire Alignment

There are a few ways to tell if your tires are misaligned, but a regular checkup is a good way of making sure nothing is wrong. Signs that you may need to bring your car in include:

  • Your steering wheel is crooked even when you're driving straight
  • Your tires squeal
  • Your car pulls to one side or the other
  • Your tires wear rapidly or unevenly

Why Should You Come to South Hills Kia to Get Your Tires Aligned?

Those problems above should lead you to set up an appointment to get it fixed, but even if those signs haven't appeared, it doesn’t hurt to get your car ready for winter by stopping in at our service center. We have an automatic scanner right at our dealership that will tell you if your tires need aligning, and all you have to do is drive over it! This tech makes it easy to check on the condition of your car, so you can find out if any of those bumps threw off the alignment of your Kia car or SUV. Come on down to South Hills Kia today to prepare your model for the months ahead!

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