What Are the Advantages of Buying a Used Car?

When it comes to finding savings, there's lots of pre-owned and used cars here at South Hills Kia that gives those in the Bethel Park and Mount Lebanon areas options. Our goal is to not only help you discover them here in our showroom, but also understand why buying used gives you a quality opportunity to get a standout vehicle you're going to be able to count on!

When you buy used the first advantage of course is the pricing. Whether it's a certified pre-owned Kia vehicle where you can find popular models like the Optima and Sportage, or you're seeking out any one of our used cars of a variety of different brands, these provide you with a lower cost than a new vehicle. Recent model year used vehicles or those with low mileage and standout value will still be affordable, while there are true cost savers from those that might be many years old, and have plenty of miles but still are fully capable of going the distance.

Along with providing a lower price, a used car also gives you a chance at having lower car insurance payments as well, so there's savings in that regard as well. Furthermore, a used car can help you save for other things you might need, even if it's to tie you over until you reach your goal of getting a brand new vehicle. They also make for standout rides for first time drivers, or if you need a second vehicle that serves a specific need for you. Whatever it is, you can count on there being plenty of advantages to buying used from our showroom at South Hills Kia.

Learn More by contacting us today and we'd be happy to provide you with all the details, answer questions and discuss them all with you soon!

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