Service Indicator Lights; What Do They Mean?

When you get a dashboard warning in your car, it is not the time to panic. It is just your car, truck or SUV way of telling you that something is wrong and you are in need of service. Most often it is a low oil or air light and is a simple fix such. But what do many of the other means?

The indicator lights in your car will help you to avoid costly repairs if taken care of right away. If you get the tire pressure warning light, for instance, you may have enough time to get your tire fixed before it goes completely flat. A low tire is much easier to deal with than a flat tire. Another common light that comes on is your check engine light which can mean you may need a new oxygen sensor, a new gas cap, catalytic converter or spark plugs. Other service lights include Battery Alert, Transmission Temperature, Coolant Temperature Warning.

If you get any of the indicator lights on your dash and you can't fix it on your own, be sure to bring your vehicle to our service center and let our trained technicians take care of your car, truck or SUV.

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