What Makes the SUV A Great Option?

We see them on the road every day. SUVs. Whether they are transporting someone to work, a soccer team to practice, or a family on vacation, the SUV has proven that it is here to stay.

But why would you want a vehicle like this? Well, besides the fact that they look cool, they are also extremely functional. What another type of vehicle can seat up to 9 people while carrying all the cargo they need and tow a travel trailer or a boat behind them?

Not only that but with the optional 4-wheel drive and upgradable suspensions, these vehicles are also highly capable off-road. They can get you into places that a regular passenger car probably couldn't, and all the while being one of the most comfortable vehicles to ride in.

If you're ready to check out a new or used SUV, come and see us here at South Hills KIA and take one for a test drive today. We think you'll love it!

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